New Hosting Environment!

by techpilot007 27. April 2012 17:14
Let me know what you think of the blog. I just finished moving the blog from shared hosting with GoDaddy to my own Micro AWS instance. This move was not done due to performance or issues with GoDaddy. They've been good for what I've needed to do. This move was done more to staisfy my own desire to have my own server instance where I would have root access to do with as I please. [More]

First blog on the new site.

by techpilot007 4. October 2008 07:44
I've never been much for writing, so it may seem odd that I've created a blog.  Part of my reasoning for creating this blog site is that I want to learn to develop my programming skills in a practical way.  Now I know that most of you that see this site will say "But you didn't program this.   This is from BlogEngine.Net." And you're right, I didn't.  I started this site to see if I could get it to work with MySQL on my Godaddy hosting account.  It was a bit of a challenge but I slowly mad my way through the errors one by one.  Some that are reading this I'm sure would like me to go over what those errors were and how I over came them.  The biggest one that I had problems with was the fact that I needed the in my bin directory (thanks to Jon for pointing that out) and adjust my web.config file to look for that version, beware that the MySQL.Data.dll can be found on the website in one of the connectors packages.  The other big problem that I encountered was that I wanted to use this on the same hosting account that I already had with godaddy.  When I had set up the account and my main site I place all the files for the main site in the root directory.  Having this blog site in a child directory made it a challenge for me to get this site to read its web.config file only, it kept wanting to inherit the parent directorys web.config as well (once again thank you Jon for pointing that out).  Now I know you are thinking why not just place both sites in separate directories.  Sounds simple enough, however, when I went to do so I couldn't get my domain name to look at anything other than the root directory as long as it was my primary domain name for the hosting account.  This is where I got a little creative.  I also own the domain  So I made the promary domain for the account and then I was able to re-add as another domain on my account pointing to a subdirectory with my main site in it contents.  I didn't want my to be left broken and not pointing to my site anymore so I set up a simple html page to redirect the traffic to that way I no longer required a web.config file in my root directory and all my different sites on my account will be able to operate independently.


Welcome to the blog of an Configuration Manager. This blog is meant to share my thoughts, ideas, and the story of my ever expanding journey to acquire knowledge. It may, at times, include rants about or an expression of excitement over something in the computer realm. The majority of my work is with Windows servers. However, it has started to also include Linux machines. Lately I’ve become the Nagios “expert” within our company as I work towards creating culture of being proactive vs. reactive in regards to Application/Configuration Management.


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