Documenting Specs of Existing Windows Servers

by techpilot007 15. May 2012 23:56
Every month we receive a bill from our Sister Company for the hosting of our servers. When we receive the bill we usually just check our records to see that the specs we have documented match what we are being billed for. This tedious task falls to our Director of Infrastructure. [More]

Monitoring Multiple Simular Windows Services with one Script

by techpilot007 8. May 2012 16:44
One of the first things I was asked to monitor with Nagios was the running state of a few Windows services. I could use NRPE to accomplish this but I found that I also needed to monitor the status of a few different versions of Tomcat for out Business Object servers. [More]

Monitoring B.O. Web Intelligence Servers

by techpilot007 28. April 2012 13:33
A few months ago we started to have some issues where we would find that one or more Web Intelligence (Webi server) servers in Business Objects on a physical Windows server would stop. I was asked to come up with a way to monitor the number of Webi's on the physical server using Nagios. [More]

New Hosting Environment!

by techpilot007 27. April 2012 17:14
Let me know what you think of the blog. I just finished moving the blog from shared hosting with GoDaddy to my own Micro AWS instance. This move was not done due to performance or issues with GoDaddy. They've been good for what I've needed to do. This move was done more to staisfy my own desire to have my own server instance where I would have root access to do with as I please. [More]

Max Number of Concurrent ASP Connections on IIS7

by techpilot007 29. March 2011 11:28
A little while back, November 2009, we were moving to another data center for our production servers and during the process we were upgrading from IIS6 on Windows Server 2003 to IIS7 on Widows Server 2008. We learned that in IIS7 ASP threads are limited by default to 12 concurrent threads per processor. [More]


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