I Expanded the Disk in Disk Manager but It Doesn't Show in Windows Explorer

by techpilot007 2. July 2010 13:55
Over the past few months I've been running out of space on a SAN drive in both the production and DR sites running Windows Server 2008. (That's one of those expensive growing pains). We put in a request to have a LUN expanded then waited. When we were given word that the LUN had been expanded I went into Disk Manager and rescanned the drives. Disk Manager saw the expanded portion of the disk. Now I needed to expand the partition. So I right clicked the drive and chose Extend Volume. [More]

Windows Server 2008 and Hibernate Option

by techpilot007 1. July 2010 17:03
By default hibernation is not available in Windows Server 2008 and for good reason. Why would you want your server go into hibernation? Well there are exceptions when you might want to use hibernation, I just can?t think of any that would involve production servers though.

In my case one of those exceptions happens to be that I use Windows Server 2008 on my laptop as the primary OS. Mostly because [More]

Bulk Resize of JPEG Images

by techpilot007 28. June 2010 14:55
Just the other day one of the members of our client support team was faced with the task of resizing many images because the originals were too small to display. I heard about his task and I was reminded of a program I wrote a couple of years ago for doing just opposite in an effort to save space. The code was relatively simple and I had incorporated logic to keep the resized image in the same scale as the original. I figured it wouldn?t be too hard to add a check box for enlarging images and a little more logic. [More]

Restrictive settings in IE when dealing with downloads.

by techpilot007 7. April 2010 07:51
I've been frustrated lately with my inability to have more than 2 downloads at a time through Internet Explorer. I had the same feeling of frustration whilst working on a multithreaded C# program last October. I had to send over 14,000,000 photos from one server to another via FTP due to the firewall rules that were in place. To solve that one I had to add a little chunk to the app.config of the program. [More]


by techpilot007 1. April 2010 12:08
Alright, as one colleague would say, 'It's time for a reboot!'. I need to reboot myself to wake me up and get me cracking on my professional development. I wrote in the past that I was working on my MCITP and on a self paced training kit for CCNA. Not much has happened since then. [More]


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